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Since established in Taipei in 1978, Sheng Yuang Food Industrial Co., Ltd. has grown rapidly by a process of expansion and acquisition, today it has focused on the field of Food Additives. The main factory site of Sheng Yuang possesses approximately 3,300 square meters to manufacture the high quality products of food additives. Sheng Yuang also offers the wide ranges of food ingredients to the customers through the powerful sales networks in Taiwan. Its annual turnover has reached to more than 15 million US dollars in an average yearly.
        Besides Sheng Yuang, the company also has two trading branches---Sheng Linyuan International Trading Co., Ltd. and Ku Bros International Trading Co., Ltd. They import high quality raw materials from the worldwide, and sale the good products made by Sheng Yuang to South Asia and Mainland China.
        To be a bridge between producers and end-users, Sheng Yuang will do its best for close contacts and good relations to each part and for making a substantial contribution to the quality of the food industry.






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